Detroitsterdam has been in around for over 10 years and offers more and more products all the time that are hand crafted with love and care by those that care.  We offer products that are made in Detroit and around Michigan by hand from those that care and when used will help you feel more relaxed and stress free.  We have a long history of education and support to the community and continue to do just that to this very day.    

Custom Scents Canna Salve (special Order)

Do you have a certain essential oil that you love, a certain scent that you would love in your Canna Salve.  Let us know and we can try to create it for you.  $ price varies

Canna Salve Classic (original)
Every person has that one thing in their medicine cabinet they cannot live without and this is it.  The Original Canna Salve from the first Recipe.  $40


Canna Salve Hot
Smells similar and looks similar to the Classic but it has a deeper heat that will have you relaxed in no time. $40


Canna Salve Menthol

Just like it says it's Menthol, with Wintergreen, Eucalyptus and Spearmint Extract this will give you clear passages in your Respiratory system. $40

About Our Products

Orange Ginger Canna Salve

(limited production) 

The scent of Wild Orange and Ginger will help rejuvenate your scenes and make you feel awake and refreshed.  With this blend we suggest Morning Use as it has helped get us going for quite some time.  


What We Offer

Artisan Products Hand Made in Detroit

We are continuing to learn new ways to bring the best products to you everyday.  If you have any questions or ideas that may be useful let us know on the contact us page.

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